15 years of experience

The City of Differdange, also known as the City of Blues, created 16 years ago the Differdange School of Blues. Since then, the school has been offering blues lessons with professional musicians and teachers from the local and regional music scene.

The Differdange School of Blues counts every year around 80 participants. During several months, they work on songs provided by Remo Cavallini, leader of the School of Blues, and perform the music skills they attained at the Blues Express Festival in July.

The purpose of the Differdange School of Blues is to make music together and have fun while learning the basics of the blues pattern. Since the creation of the school, we have been assisting in the emergence of new blues band formations. Another goal is to ensure continuous training for already confirmed musicians.

Remo Cavallini - Blues Express Festival


The Differdange School of Blues has following missions:

- familiarize the participants with the blues
- provide a professional setting for beginners or confirmed musicians
- play together and have fun!

The Differdange School of Blues is open for everybody, the only requirement is to have a basic knowledge of any kind of music. The program of the school is diversified and doesn't focus on musical theory but is based on learning-by-doing. The idea is to present other aspects related to music, such as musical composition, sonorous research and interaction with the various actors of the cultural scene.


For the next sessions from January to July 2023, a program of 6 workshops and 1 group lessons will be offered. The lessons will be held in the premises of Sonotron (1535° Differdange).

There are two types of programs: beginners and advanced

The beginners lessons will be held on following days:

    21.01. from 14H to 17H
    04.02. from 14H to 17H
    18.03. from 14H to 17H
    22.04. from 14H to 17H
    13.05. from 14H to 17H
    10.06. from 14H to 17H

The advanced lessons will be held on following day:

    28.01. from 14H to 17H
    18.02. from 14H to 17H
    25.03. from 14H to 17H
    29.04. from 14H to 17H
    20.05. from 14H to 17H
    17.06. from 14H to 17H    


The final group lessons will take place on July 2 and July 3, 2022.

    01.07. for beginners from 14H to 17H (lesson will be held at Aalt Stadhaus)
    02.07. for advanced from 10H to 13H (lesson will be held at Aalt Stadhaus)

The lessons are organized to prepare the participants for their final performance which will take place during the Blues Express Festival 2023.